It's better to fight for something than live for nothing.

This quote from General George S. Patton has been our inspiration since launching Happy Joe on January 1st, 2014. Appalled by the challenges our veterans face after their military service, we decided to charge the hill and make a difference. 

T-shirts with a purpose.

Happy Joe believes in living with purpose and inspiring generosity. That's why everything we do has social impact for the military community. All of our products and services benefit non-profit organizations serving veterans and military families.

Happy Joe gives back 10% of our profits to credible Veteran Service Organizations. We also provide income earning opportunities and free training to veterans and military spouses.

T-shirts for the other 99% who served.

Unfortunately so many military apparel companies only cater to the "high speed" military people. You know ... the guys who have beards and tattoos, wear Oakley glasses and contractor khakis, and lift Hummers for breakfast.

Happy Joe appreciates all who served in the military and not just the Special Ops folks.

We celebrate the cooks, mechanics, supply clerks, and people in the rear with the gear. We applaud the National Guard and Reserve units. Our t-shirts are created for the other 99% who often get overlooked. 

T-shirts that make a positive impression. 

There are plenty of "Kill Em All" military t-shirts on the market. While we love a great Combat Infantry shirt, we're trying to change the negative stereotypes surrounding the military community. There's already enough violence and negativity in the world. We don't need to add to it. 

T-shirts created by veterans.

All of our military t-shirts and products are created and designed by U.S. Military Veterans. This provides them with great work opportunities and a new purpose outside their service.

Shop. Support. Smile.

We're not a big business. We're a small company trying to make a big impact for the men and women who protected our freedom. Buying products from Happy Joe helps veterans and their families. You'll look great and feel good with a t-shirt from us!